Saturday, October 28, 2006

See Things From a New Perspective - APRIL 29, 2006

A very angry woman approached the receptionist’s desk at the eye doctor’s office.

“Someone stole my wig while I was having surgery yesterday,” she complained.

The doctor came out and tried to calm her down. “I assure you that no one on my staff would have done such a thing. Why do you think it was taken here?”

“Well,” she huffed, “after the operation I noticed that the wig I had on was ugly and cheap-looking.”

The surgeon said gently, “Ma’am, I think that means that your cataract operation was a success.”

This story in many ways is an Easter season story. At Easter we get a new set of lenses through which to see the world. We begin to see things from a new perspective as we recognize Christ in every moment, in every place, in every relationship. The disciples in today’s Gospel have their eyes opened as they recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread. During this season we have many opportunities to recognize Jesus in the midst. The Catholic Charity Drive invites us to recognize Jesus in the needy. Next week Patrick Moynihan from the Haitian project will tell us of a school in Haiti that educates young people from the poorest country in the western hemisphere. There are many ways for us to have our eyes opened in the Easter season.

Fr. Bob Hawkins, APRIL 29, 2006

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