Saturday, October 28, 2006

Qualities Needed in Today’s Priests - FEBRUARY 12, 2006

Recently Pope Benedict XVI spoke of qualities needed in today’s priests. He highlighted a love of truth, a desire to proclaim Christ and dedication to the suffering. Here are some excerpts:

1) “To respond to the expectations of modern society, to cooperate with great evangelizing action
which involves all Christians, prepared and courageous priests are needed who, without
ambitions and fears, but convinced of the gospel truth, are concerned above all with proclaiming Christ.”

2) “Priests must be willing to bow before human sufferings, making everyone, especially the
poor and those going through difficulties, feel the consolation of the love of God and the warmth
of the ecclesial family.”

Both Father Matt and I ask that you pray that we be such priests for you here at St. Luke’s. Thank you for your supportive presence which gives us both so much energy.
Fr. Bob Hawkins FEBRUARY 12, 2006

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