Wednesday, April 25, 2012

See signs of faith all around us - Apr 22, 2012

As many of you know I like to read. Most of my reading consists of newspapers and periodicals. It’s only when I go on vacation do I have the pleasure of diving into a long book. Last Saturday I read a wonderful article in Commonweal by Fr. Nonomen. About four times a year he writes a short article giving a pastor’s view of the contemporary church. In this particular article he reflects on the experience of the Easter Vigil where five members of his community were being initiated into the Church. He asks what motivated them to want to belong – maybe a soup supper or attending a funeral or an intriguing question from a child after a religious education class. In this Easter season we are challenged to see signs of faith all around us. Perhaps these signs are present in the people who have chosen to belong to our parish. I end with this quote from Fr. Nonomen:

“…Someone in the parish recently observed that we ought to take ‘exit interviews’ of those who are leaving the church. That would help determine not only what we need to fix, but where we should spend more energy and prayer. But when I want to fill my oil lamp with a little hope, when I want to be ready and waiting for the kingdom-of-what’s-happening next, the people I really want to talk with are the ones who just signed up for the envelopes…”

Fr. Bob