Saturday, December 03, 2011

The comfort zone - Dec 3, 2011

I have a favorite St. Luke School sweatshirt which was given to me when I first arrived in 2005. It’s my favorite sweatshirt because after so many washings it is soft and warm. I have received sweatshirts since 2005, but rarely wear them. I just like the old one that is faded and has coffee stains all over it. My love for this old sweatshirt is like my love for the old liturgy. I could do those Eucharistic prayers, prefaces, orations by heart! Now my head is in the Sacramentary and I have to get my tongue around these new prayers. I am going through a grieving process that Kubler Ross reminds us has stages that include denial, anger bargaining, depression and acceptance. Will we make mistakes as we transition from the old into the new? Of course we will. Will we survive those mistakes? Of course! After all, the key ingredient to our worship is active involvement. Maybe we will pray more consciously, listen more attentively, sing more fervently, and then “go in peace glorifying the Lord by our lives.”

Fr. Bob Hawkins