Saturday, October 31, 2009

Universal Call to Holiness - Oct. 3,1 2009

One of the great phrases from Vatican II was “the universal call to holiness.” This call is integral to our Baptism where we are created to be God’s daughters and sons. Through Baptism we are grafted to the Body of Christ. Long before I was ordained to priest in 1975 I was called to have a holy life through Baptism. Holy lives take our time, talent and treasure seriously as we work with God to build the Church. This weekend representatives from different ministries will offer symbolic gifts that represent the various ways that we build community here at St. Luke’s. A big thank to Connie Oswald and Chris Pichette who have organized our “All Saints, All Ministries” weekend.

With the flu season approaching we have installed Purex containers at the three entrances to the church. If you are wary about shaking hands at the Kiss of Peace just wave or bow to your neighbor. This gesture is an important one as we visualize our unity before approaching the table of the Lord. Our symbols are important (Kiss of Peace, partaking of the bread and wine, etc.) and lead to a worship that is reverent and life giving. Hopefully our periods of silence at liturgy will create a prayerful environment at our masses. Please pray for our adult missionaries as we leave for Jamaica this coming Saturday. We all are a bit nervous but confident that we will receive many blessings from our time at the Mustard Seed community.

Fr. Bob

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A quiet place where God can speak to our hearts - Oct 24, 2009

Last week Father Luke and I attended a clergy conference on Cape Cod. The speaker was Deacon James Keating from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. His topic was the interior prayer life of the priest. In the midst of all the pastoral activity one needs to find a quiet place where God can speak to our hearts. After all, he said, we became priests not to build structures or raise funds but to help people in their journey toward God. If we as priests are to be effective it demands a certain amount of silence in our lives. He encouraged us to create silent periods in the liturgy; especially after the homily and communion. By doing this we encourage a contemplative attitude among our people. So often we are uncomfortable with silence. The mind wanders and we notice the hat someone is wearing or what we have to do after Mass. Then there is the parking lot dilemma. We need to clear the lot so the next group can arrive for the following liturgy. In short, let us not be afraid to be still and quiet so that silence can have its proper role in our liturgies.

Fr. Bob Hawkins

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A New Trustee & Celebrating Our Vision - Oct 17, 2009

It gives me great joy to announce that Raymond Simone has been chosen to be our new parish trustee. Ray has been involved in many facets of parish life: finance committee, Eucharistic minister, lector, server at funerals, Young-At-Heart. Along with his active ministry life he also brings a deep spirituality to all he does. His term will be for three years.

In past years we have had ministry fairs here at St. Luke’s. This flows from our parish’s goal of living stewardship. To the degree that we use our time, talent, and treasure our parish will flourish. This year we are trying a new way to celebrate our vision. November 1st is the feast of All Saints. On this day we call to mind the universal call of holiness. This call comes to us through our baptism where we become God’s daughters and sons. On November 1st we will celebrate “All Saints, All Ministries”. At all the masses representatives from various ministries will bring forth gifts that represent their work. This extended offertory procession will focus on God’s spirit coming down on all these gifts and transforming them so that the work of the church can continue. After mass these gift bearers will be available to answer questions about their committee or ministry. By doing this we are putting “a face” to our many ministries. This whole process will be repeated at the 5:00 p.m. liturgy (only) on November 7th.

Fr. Bob