Saturday, October 28, 2006

Farewell to seminarian Luke Willenberg - AUGUST 13, 2006

This weekend we give a fond good-bye to Luke, our summer seminarian. It has been a real joy having him in our midst. Luke is a very prayerful, friendly and hard-working young man. He has been very present at our masses here in the parish. During our religious education summer season he gave daily reflections at the beginning of each day. He even played baseball and soccer with the kids during the breaks. Luke always felt welcomed by the St. Luke’s family. He enjoyed visiting the homes in the parish. When we had nursing home masses he came along and brought joy to the elderly residents of Orchard View and Bay Spring. I enjoyed introducing him to my communion calls.
The Diocese is wise to have seminarians spend time during their formation years in parishes. There you see the ebb and flow of parish life. This has not only been a good experience for Luke, it has also been very beneficial to us. Thank you, Luke, for your smile, sincerity, prayerfulness and dedication to the people of God. Good luck as you resume your academic formation. We look forward to having you with us at Christmas time.

Fr. Bob Hawkins, AUGUST 13, 2006

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