Saturday, October 28, 2006

Forty days to change our lives - JANUARY 22, 2006

For the first reading today the people of Ninevah have forty days to mend their ways. In other words the call to conversion sometimes is very imminent in our lives. What would we do if we had only forty days to change our lives? Some might take the forty days and use it for an extended retreat. Others might try to break a few bad habits and/or adopt a few good ones. Some may use that time to mend those relationships that have cooled because of pride, selfishness, stubbornness, etc. Given forty days we might become bold enough to rid ourselves of an old grudge or a deep seated prejudice. Some of us might pick up the Bible and ponder the biblical call to be people of justice. With forty days some might choose to go on a pilgrimage to a holy place. As we look into our lives, what changes in our lives is the Lord calling us to?
Fr. Bob Hawkins JANUARY 22, 2006

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