Sunday, November 05, 2006

Going in the Right Direction - NOVEMBER 5, 2006

Two weeks ago we had the annual count at all the masses. As best as we could figure there were 1643 people at the liturgies. This figure is up from 1604 from last year and the 1490 in 2004. We are going in the right direction as more people are responding to our invitation to be worshipping members of the parish community. Recent studies show that about 25% of Catholics attend mass weekly. Twenty yeas ago 40% of Catholics were regular participants. So many reasons can be given for the decline: our secular culture, the clergy sexual abuse scandal, poor preaching, competition from the 24/7 business climate, laziness, etc. In my experiences, what helps to increase mass participation is personal invitation. If we are convinced of the value of something, we naturally share our opinion with others. St. Luke's is a very dynamic, young, and talented community. We are a stewardship parish where people are called to use their time, talent and treasure to spread God's presence. Share the good news with others and perhaps we will have 1800 people or more next year at our masses.

Fr. Bob Hawkins NOVEMBER 5, 2006

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