Saturday, January 27, 2007

Portrait of Love Personified - JANUARY 27, 2007

At 80% of the weddings I preside at today’s second reading is chosen. It is the famous reading where Paul says, “love is kind, patient, not jealous, it is not rude or selfish…It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” Walter Burghardt has pointed out that if ever a four-letter word could cry out against its abuse, that word is love. Love is the total gift of husband and wife to one another in marriage, but it is also used of a one night stand after a casual meeting in a single’s bar. Love describes a growing experience that never ends, as well as the fleeting experiences of doubling one’s pleasure with Doublemint Gum or enjoying a beer at the beach. We say we love one another, but we also say we love popcorn, pepperoni on pizza, our pets, our Patriots, our cars etc. Paul today challenges our abuse of this special word as he sets before us the verbal portrait of love personified. This love came alive in Jesus; it is this love to which each believer must aspire so as to be able to be his disciples.

Today we welcome all to our School’s open house. The purpose of St. Luke’s School is to share the love of Jesus. It is this love that we seek to teach and share with our students. Come and see the good things going on in our school. This week is also Catholic School Week. May the Lord bless our teachers, staff, aids, and benefactors.

Fr. Bob Hawkins - JANUARY 27, 2007

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