Sunday, November 06, 2011

Break open the word of God

As I write I have just celebrated the School Mass for All Saints. It is an easy Mass to celebrate because it celebrates people who took the light of Baptism and shared it with others. Whether it was Katherine Drexel who gave most of her wealth to build Catholic schools in Philadelphia or St. Julie who started the Sisters of Notre Dame these saints made a difference with their lives. Now I am on to what I’m going to preach about at the All Souls Mass on Wednesday evening. What a privilege it is to break open the word of God for people. Making the word of God relevant for our lives gives me great joy and meaning. It is how I in my limited way attempt to make a difference. I leave you with these words from Rabbi Howard Kushner:

“…The need to know that we are making a difference motivates doctors and medical researchers to spend hours looking through microscopes in the hope of finding cures for diseases. It drives inventors and entrepreneurs to stay up nights trying to find a better way of providing people with something they need. It causes artists, novelists, and composers to try to add to the store of beauty in the world by finding just the right color, the right word, the right note. And it leads ordinary people to buy six copies of the local paper because it has their name or picture in it.”

Fr. Bob Hawkins

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