Saturday, April 25, 2009

Major feasts bring out talents - April 19, 2009

Major feasts bring out the many talents in a community. Our light shines the brightest when it matters the most. I am very grateful for so many people who come forward to offer their time and talent to make this past Holy Week such a great experience. Perhaps the current economic downturn added a special dimension to this year’s observation. So many people today are experiencing the cross with foreclosures, job loss, diminished 401ks, and the other stresses of life. Yet as we come together to pray we sense the power of our God to call us beyond our darkness, and isolation. There was a deep sense of community evident here during this past week. People seemed to pray with greater fervor, people were friendlier at the doors of the church and vocal in their words of affirmation.

I am grateful to the environment committee, the choir, our liturgical ministers, our greeters and to so many who give of themselves for our benefit. We enter now into the Easter season where we celebrate First Communion and Confirmation. May these sacramental moments lead us to be a community that evangelizes and brings people closer to Christ. I pray that our young children not only celebrate First Communion, but many regular communion besides. I pray that our Confirmation students be guided by the Holy Spirit to practice their faith on a regular basis. During the Easter season may a vibrant spirit be brought to all we do.

Fr. Bob Hawkins

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