Sunday, March 11, 2007

God’s presence revealed in burning bush experiences - MARCH 11, 2007

In today’s reading from Exodus we encounter Moses and the burning bush. For Moses this is a deep religious experience as God reminds him that He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We all have had burning bush experiences in our life; the birth of a child, our wedding or ordination day. Lent is a good time to slow down enough to notice the signs of God’s presence and love all around us. Maybe it’s a matter of enjoying a sunset or delighting in a snowfall. Maybe God’s presence is revealed to you through family and friends. Maybe it’s a matter of setting time aside for prayer to listen to the voice of God. Whatever your burning bush is, don’t pass it by. Let it reveal God to you. Then your life will be changed. Then you will at least begin to reform and better reveal God’s presence to others.

Fr. Bob Hawkins - MARCH 11, 2007

Burning Bush Photo from Lenthall Chapel by Gill Poole via flickr

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