Sunday, September 18, 2011

Parish Census (Nayatt) continues Oct 15, & New Mass Translation Mission

There are many programs and ministries presently underway here in the parish. I want to draw your attention to two of them. The first is to complete the work of evangelization which was begun in May. There are still two more areas (Nayatt and Sowams) that need to be completed. The date of October 15th has been set for the Nayatt Day of Evangelization/Census. Presently, the Parish Council is organizing these outreaches. Also from October 24 to 26 Father Jeremy Rodrigues from St. Philip’s in Greenville will conduct our parish mission on the new Mass translation. Slowly we will be introducing the various Mass parts to you. The important part of this renewal will be to instill a more active and conscious participation in the Mass. Liturgy is a word that means work. To have good liturgy we all need to be engaged in our responses and singing. Please mark these important dates on your calendar. Fr. Bob Hawkins

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