Friday, April 22, 2011

St. Luke's Easter Message - April 23, 2011

Leading up to the Good Friday peace accord in Ireland back in 1998, several ads appeared on TV. One ad had black and white images of guns, coffins, and mourners and the number 3,248 (those killed since 1969). In contrast an ad ran next to it with color pictures of children at play. Two questions then appeared on the TV scene: Do you want to go back? Or do you want to go forward? These indeed are Easter questions. Do we want to go back to the grave – to our old patterns of resentment, hurt, anger, and violence? Or do we want to move forward to a resurrected life with Jesus? Easter is all about rehabilitation. Peter, the denier, become Peter the apostle. Paul, the persecutor, becomes Paul the great missionary. From a dubious past Mary Magdalene becomes the first messenger of the Resurrection. Paul at Easter urges us to throw out the old yeast of malice and bitterness and take on the new yeast of sincerity and truth.

We have had an excellent Lent here at St. Luke’s. Daily Mass attendance held strong throughout the season. The mission with Tom Kendzia was also well attended. A renewed sense of participation in the liturgy (especially singing) is emerging. Our missionaries hosted successful fundraisers. The Mobile Loaves and Fishes truck makes its regular rounds. Plans are coming together for our Day of Evangelization on May 14th. Let us move forward as a parish during this glorious Easter season.
Fr. Bob Hawkins

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