Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent 2011, Parish visitation, Jamaican Mission - Mar 6, 2011

With Easter being so late this year, there has been a bit of a lull lately in the parish. But this quiet period will soon give way to a flurry of activity. As you know a new translation of the Mass will commence on the first Sunday of Advent. With this in mind, liturgy seems to be a good topic to explore during this year’s Lenten Mission (March 22-24). Tom Kendzia from Christ the King will be our speaker. He has composed many hymns and has been music director in Kingston for over 25 years. This mission will be especially geared toward our lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, greeters and choir members. However, this mission will benefit all who make up the worshipping community here at St. Luke’s.

Another area in the planning stages is a day of visitation (evangelization) on May 14th. Parishioners will be asked to attend the 9 a.m. Saturday Mass and then go out to visit members of the parish. We look to update our census records, elicit feedback about the parish, and listen to the concerns of the people. To accomplish this noble goal we will need hundreds of volunteers. This approach has been taken by several parishes with a good result.

I would like to welcome back our teen missionaries from Blessed Assurance. I am sure you have all benefitted from your time of service. A big thank you to Dave Renner who organized our adult witnessing weekend. I found the faith sharing testimonies and the video very moving. Please pray that all of our endeavors will be blessed by the Lord.

Fr. Bob Hawkins

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