Saturday, February 06, 2010

Four non-negotiables - Feb 7, 2010

The Year of Evangelization has afforded us the opportunity to do some reading. Recently, I came across one of my favorite writers, William O’Malley, S.J. He has been a high school teacher for many decades and has a wealth of experience. About ten years ago I heard him speak at a Convention for Catholic school teachers. Often he speaks about the four non-negotiables of the Catholic faith:
1) Jesus is the embodiment of God. In this capacity he is the greatest sign of God’s love. He became one with us so that we could be one with our God. In his living he displayed compassion, forgiveness and integrity. With him there is no pride or ego. He is a model for all of us.

2) Jesus’ death is followed by resurrection. Therefore we are not destroyed by death and even now we experience the aliveness of God in our human living.

3) Since we belong to Jesus his values of the Kingdom (God and neighbor) are more important than the values of the world (me first). We are charged therefore not only to change ourselves
but others as well.

4) We are members of His Body, the Church. We celebrate this membership at a weekly meal of thanksgiving. This demonstrates our commitment to one another and to worship.
It is good often to be reminded of the basics. It is my hope that this special year will return us to our own roots.

Fr. Bob Hawkins

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