Friday, January 01, 2010

Bless this house -- Jan 1, 2010

One wonderful ancient custom on the feast of Epiphany is that homes are blessed. As we begin a new year with all its promise here is a blessing from Ed Hays.

“Lord our God, you whose home is in heaven and on earth, come and bless this house…Surround this shelter with your Spirit, encompass all its four sides with the power of your protection…Bless here this doorway. May all who come to it be treated with respect and kindness. May all our comings and goings be under the seal of God’s loving care…Blessed be all the rooms of this house…May we truly live in it as people of peace…Bless this place where we eat. May our meals be sacraments of the presence of God…Lord our God may your name always be holy in our home. May God’s blessing rest upon us all. Amen.”

As we begin this year of evangelization, may we welcome all people to our church. It is my hope that this year the Gospel message will take root. May we discover common ground in our efforts to pursue a just and peaceful world. It is my hope that we can overcome obstacles, heal divisions and bring Christ’s light to others.

Fr. Bob Hawkins

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