Saturday, July 18, 2009

Abundant Blessings July 12, 2009

In reflecting on the events of a few weekends ago I see how fortunate we are as a parish. On the same day we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Fr. Ray Collins and the first anniversary of Fr. Luke. We have the wisdom and the knowledge of a veteran priest and the zeal and dedication of a newly ordained priest. How many parishes can claim that? I am reminded so often of the words of Jesus, “To whom much is given much is expected.” There is abundant talent here in this parish. More talent than I have ever witnessed in any of my other parishes. It is my prayer that we continue to use these talents to be a model parish. I say it over and over again that we are called to be wise and responsible stewards of the many gifts of God. Happy summer everyone. May the quieter pace of summer give us time to dream dreams and have visions.
Fr. Bob Hawkins

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