Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fr. Ray Collins 50th anniversary of priesthood

Next weekend we will gather at the 11:30 Mass to celebrate the 50th priesthood anniversary for Father Ray Collins. Fr. Ray has been coming to St. Luke’s since Fr. Oscar Ferland was pastor. All during his Louvain and Washington years, he would celebrate liturgy with us here at St. Luke’s. Many of you know that he was my New Testament professor in Louvain. For 2-1/2 years he was also the rector of the American College. Fr. Ray has always made bridges between the world of academic theology and parish ministry. He has taught me the value of applying theology to contemporary events. He always encouraged us to read newspapers, periodicals, and current theology. As busy as I can get, I never neglect to read. Fr. Ray has been a good friend to me and to so many others. He is a man of faith, service, and commitment to the Gospel. I am sure our celebration will bring joy to his heart.

Fr. Bob Hawkins

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