Sunday, January 25, 2009

Post Holiday Winter Pondering - Jan 11, 2009 (posted belatedly)

When I think of the Christmas season two images come to mind: a funnel and a bowl. If Christmas is a funnel the feast occurs; the carols are sung, gifts exchanged, meals eaten, but the meaning quickly fades. Like a fluid in a funnel it does not hang around a long time. If Christmas is a bowl the spirit of the season settles and is contained. Not only that, the bowl gets filled and even runs over. This is my prayer as we enter the cold months of winter. May the meaning of Christmas so fill our lives that it affects everything we do.

Presently I am on my annual January vacation. When I was a child I hated the month of January. It meant going back to school! Now it is one of my favorite months as it gives me time to travel, rest and connect with friends.

Thanks to one and all who contributed so much to the spirit of Christmas here at St. Luke’s. I appreciateall your cards, gifts and prayers.

Fr. Bob Hawkins

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