Sunday, October 19, 2008


This weekend, we will hear short testimonies from fellow parishioners on how they live stewardship in their lives. The purpose of these short witness talks is to prepare us for the ministry fair next week. Stewardship is not complicated. It simply means we look into our lives to examine the gifts that God has given each one of us. Once found, those gifts are meant to be shared with others. Some share by reading at mass, others by decorating the altar, still others by becoming a part of a ministry or a committee. Please take the time to look over the inserts this weekend, "Discerning Gifts" and the "Ministry List". I invite you to come downstairs next weekend. As a result o last year's event, 83 new people became involved here at St. Luke's.

Saturday is the feast of St. Luke and so the 5 p.m. mass this weekend will highlight all the good work of our school as we celebrate our 50th year. Thank you to all who contributed to our annual fund. Envelopes will remain in the pews for the whole month of October.

I just returned from the Great Day of Service. Over 300 people were involved in work at 45 sites. It is so impressive to see so many people come forward to volunteer their time for others. St. Luke's aims to be an active supporter of Beyond Our Walls here in town.

Fr. Bob Hawkins - October 19, 2008

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