Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Change: Reflect and Refresh

After the birth of Jesus, Mary is pictured as one who reflected on all the events happening in her life. I feel that need now to stop and reflect on all the recent events here at St. Luke’s. Events are happening so fast it is hard to digest them all - what with the departure of Father Matt and now the upcoming arrival of Father Luke. In addition, we welcome Adam Young our summer seminarian and also Christopher Pichette as our new youth minister. Our lives are a mixture of comings and goings. The only constant in life is change. Yet this change so often is creative and life-giving.

We have had a very eventful year here at St. Luke’s. I welcome the quieter pace of summer. May the calm of the season allow us to be still long enough to hear the quiet voice of God in our lives. Hopefully this summer I will have the time to get back to doing a bit more writing, reading and praying.

Fr. Bob Hawkins - July 5, 2008

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