Saturday, May 12, 2007

How I prepare my homilies - MAY 12, 2007

In last Sunday’s paper there was an article about how preachers prepare their homilies. I thought you might like to know the process I use. For 15 years I have met every 2 weeks with Fr. Joseph Creedon and Fr. Jack Heaney. We do some preparing ahead of time and then share our insights about the readings. I use various resources such as Connections, Celebrations, Good News. These are all publications with good ideas. On late Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning I take all the data from our study group and begin to craft the homily for the week. I try to be aware of what’s going on in the parish and in the world. The word of God is so often fleshed out in the events of our life. I then try to make a connection between our human experiences and what God’s word means to us today.

This weekend Luke Willenberg is to be ordained a deacon. I pray that as he ponders God’s word he will bring that word effectively into people’s lives. All of us are so proud of Luke and feel honored to have played a part in his formation for ordination.

Fr. Bob Hawkins - MAY 12, 2007

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